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Breast Cancer Awareness Scrubs

comment Breast Cancer Awareness Scrubs is proud to support the fight for breast cancer. How do we help? We donate 100% of all net proceeds from the sale of any items in our Pink Ribbon line of scrubs.

Proudly displaying the pink ribbon logo, our breast cancer awareness scrubs help remind everyone that we need to band together to fight breast cancer. While we don't have a cure for breast cancer yet, every penny we can donate helps researches and laboratories come that much closer to finding one. Together we can end breast cancer, and together we can save lives.  

To shop for Breast Cancer Awareness scrubs and uniforms here at use the navigation bars on the left. Near the bottom of the the bar click on a link that reads "Pink Ribbon apparel". From here you will be brought to a page displaying all of our breast cancer awareness scrubs. Once you find the style, color, and fit that you are interested in you will be ready to check out! wants to thank you for all of your help in investing your time and money into helping find a cure.

For more details on our complete policy & past donations please feel free to visit our Terms & Conditions page. Quick Links
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