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Barco NRG Scrubs

Barco NRG Scrubs is delighted to offer Barco's NRG scrubs & uniforms for sale online. As new seasons roll around, scrub companies come out with fashionable lines with fun new cuts and colors. Barcos NRG line has many options and styles to choose from, leaving every shopper happy!

NRG uniforms are the first and only medical uniform brand to bring you the new arcFlex Technology. This technology is a specially designed blend of Poly, Rayon and Spandex
that helps create a strong, stretchable fabric.  The products adjusts to fit your natural shape for the light, comfortable fit you need, and the look you want.

To shop for Barco NRG scrubs and uniforms here at use the navigation bars on the left. To begin, scroll your cursor over the link "shop by brand". From there, another box will open up with a bunch of different options. To shop for NRG scrubs click on the link that says "Barco scrubs". Once you land on the Barco  page, all of the NRG scrubs will be available for you to choose from. From here you will be able to make your search more specific by sorting products by color and size. Once you find the product with the right size, color, and style that you are looking for, you will be ready to check out! We hope you enjoy shopping for all your NRG scrub needs with us here at