Your Stories: Touching Moments

By Scrubadoo‘s Jen Hankin

There are certain moments that touch our lives and forever change our path. As heath care professionals, we get the opportunity to touch lives everyday and make a different. Here are two touching stories about those little moments:

Six or seven years ago my daughter had a summer job in Charleston, S.C. caring for two brothers between 6 and 10 years old. One of the boys was confined to a wheelchair. As they became comfortable with each other they began talking about their families- one of the conversation was what her parents did for a living- at that time I was working on developing the RetroLift. My daughter explained how the RetroLift connects to a wheelchair and with a touch of a button provides vertical lift for the user. He looked at her and asked; ” Do you mean I would be able to get a glass a water all by myself?” Yes, you will! She replied. What a touching moment!

-Jeff Wise, Retro Lift


ARC Physical Therapy launched their 15th Anniversary campaign last February announcing that they would be granting wishes for people in need of outpatient physical therapy services and treating them for no cost.

The first wish that ARC granted was for a 63 year old unemployed woman, terminated by her employer and left with no medical insurance, who was struggling with calf/leg pain after a surgical repair of her right Achilles Tendon.

The second wish was granted to a young female, 13 years old, who had reconstructive foot surgery and had no insurance coverage for her rehabilitation.

“Both of these wishes granted were for people in need of outpatient physical therapy who couldn’t afford to receive treatment,” said Kevin M. Cronin, Founder and Physical Therapist at ARC Physical Therapy. “These are the kinds of people we want to help, people who need physical therapy but struggle to receive or continue treatment.”

ARC Physical Therapy is excited to announce that the ARC Grants Wishes Campaign will be now ongoing! The campaign was able to help so many individuals become pain free who would not have been able to due to extenuating circumstances. Every month, we were touched by all of the stories that were submitted that we decided to keep the healing going.

-Sara Sicking, ARC. Inc.

Please share your touching moments with us in a comment below.

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