Trust Me, I’m a Nurse: Interesting Propaganda on Nurses

By Scrubadoo’s Jen Hankin

For Decades, nurses have been used to promote just about anything. No matter if it is selling products completely unrelated to the nursing field or or pulling on our heart strings to move women towards the medical profession, these ads are very stereotypical to say the least. From selling soda, cigarettes, to breath mints, it’s all been done. The iconic, trustworthy nurse’s uniform can be just the right fit, according to several ad departments.

Many of these ads are very outdated, but nonetheless, they are interesting to take note of. I’ve collected several examples of vintage nursing propaganda for your viewing pleasure. I would love to hear your thoughts and impressions about these Ads in a comment.

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In this Ad, it’s pretty clear that Coco Cola used the trustworthiness of nurses to sell their product. 

Check out those nursing uniforms!

Showing off the “glamour” of nursing.

Oh remember when nurses and insurance companies got along?

Strange to see nurses pictured wearing masks around babies.

Nurses giving out cigarettes? So wrong on so many levels. But, hey those were the times right?

Now how many times have we all said that! 

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