High Fashion

Just a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the Scrubbed into fashion fundraiser benefiting the smile network. What an amazing show it was. From start to finish, everything seemed to go off without a hitch. The students from the University of Minnesota that organized the event should be extremely proud of themselves.

I have never attended any type of fashion show, let alone a full-fledged runway show complete with DJ, famous designer, full service catering, and every other detail you imagine when you think of a New York Style runway show. Nor have I ever written about a show so you will need to excuse my naivety about the fashion industry! All I know is that the experience was super cool.

When the show started I was absolutely blown away by the creations the undergraduate designers from the university of Minnesota came up with. In case you missed the details of the event and don’t feel like reading our first post, the challenge given to the designers was to come up with two outfits that would be made entirely from hospital scrubs. I personally delivered the scrubs they used for raw material, and I promise you that these were as dull and bland as medical scrubs come. When the models (who were all U of Minn medical students) walked onto the runway I could hardly believe that the outfits they were wearing came from the very same uniforms I dropped off a month earlier. Rather than make an attempt at describing the designs (I am quite positive I would never do justice to all the hard work and creativity that went into them) I think that a few images will far better demonstrate their creations. Overall, the show was a resounding success, raised awareness and money for a great cause, gave several students the design opportunity of a lifetime, and we were incredibly honored to have played a small role in it!