Heavy on the Grey’s, Light on the Anatomy

By Scrubadoo‘s Jen Hankin

TV Review: ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy

I have to admit, I’m a huge TV fan. I watch way more television than I should. Thanks to my DVR I am able to catch every minute of the action of my favorites! With that being said, I have been a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan from day one. I still remember the series premiere on March 27, 2005. It was all about the lives of several, straight out of medical school, hospital surgical interns. The show has continued to follow their lives, through their up’s and down’s, though their residency, loves and loses.

What initially drove me to quickly become a Grey’s fan was that I felt like I could actually get a glimpse of what hospital life was really like. An inside scoop, if you will, of what it was like to wear those scrubs without actually going to medial school! Of course, it’s TV so you have to take everything with a grain of salt and obviously it’s dramatized to make for good television. But I still felt like I was being educated while watching Grey’s Anatomy– I knew about ground breaking new discoveries, understood hospitals a bit better and got to see a lot of medial surgeries.

Meredith, Christina, Izzie, and George (oh I miss George) being lectured by Dr. Bailey

Yet, as the seasons have progressed, the focus on the medial industry drew further and further way from the plot and became just the setting of yet another prime time, drama-filled soap. With huge, just for ratings, epic disasters that fill 2 or maybe even 3 episodes, almost every season its gets to be a lot of drama! And all this about Meredith’s depression, suicidal moments, to messing up surgical trials and still keeping her job! All this is just getting a bit too ridiculous for me. It’s way to focused on the drama and not enough on the medicine! Do you agree?

Although, TV producers know how to pull us in– even when we dislike where the show is going– I have and will continue to watch Grey’s Anatomy. All this drama with Christina and Owen’s marriage, Meredith and Derek’s marriage and adoption– who could turn away?

I’m not proud to say I’m sucked in, but the truth is I can’t get away from it! I just wish the show focused more, or at least balanced out the drama and medicine. Plus it doesn’t hurt when your looking at McDreamy and McSteamy, Am I right?

Let me know what you think of how Grey’s Anatomy has evolved over its 8 seasons. Please leave me a comment below.

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