Trick or Treat Safety Guide

In just over two weeks millions of kids across the country will be out trick or treating. Some will be accompanied by a parent, some by a sibling, and some will be on their own. There are a few safety rules that you will want your children to follow.trick or treat tips

Stay in areas that are not completely dark. There are several reasons why this one is important. Staying in areas with light make your children visible by you and others. Protecting them from potential harm is important. Not only protection from harm but it also makes sure that they will not take any falls. Falls are the number one cause of Halloween injury. Being in areas with a lot of light can prevent a kid from going off a curb, tripping over objects, including themselves, or colliding with others.

Fire poses a potential cause of danger as well. Flame caused injuries are another major source of injury for children that are trick or treating. One way to help prevent this is to look for flame resistant consumes and accessories. Also, remind your children not to “walk toward the light” if there are open flames.

Pedestrian accidents are another potential problem while trick or treating. Similar to falls stay in areas with light. If you are in areas that you will be crossing roads or alleys be sure that your child has glow rings or sticks. You may also look for costumes that have reflectors sewn into them, these can be found anywhere costumes are sold.

One of the biggest urges a kid has while trick or treating is to eat the candy as soon as it hits their bags. It never hurts to instruct your children to bring their candy home first before they eat it. So you can make sure there is nothing harmful. Of course, you also need to make sure you get a cut o the action. After all, you did put most of the work in.

Scrub Pin Board

Occasionally we like to talk about different craft ideas that you can do with. One of the best ideas I have ever seen are pin and cork board made with nursing scrubs. Many of the ones I have seen are made with scrub with a pattern. But there have been some very innovative ones that are made from just plain scrubs.

You can either wrap the frame in scrubs or you can pull the scrubs completely across the front of the board covering everything. You can layer or pattern several scrubs over the board. Whenever you are trying to get rid of your old scrubs there are always things that can be done.

Bubonic Plague

When you hear the word plague your mind goes back to either biblical times or to the middle ages when the medicine and technology available was not like we have today. The bubonic plague, also known as the black plague is still around today, it is just much more rarer that it was at one time. There was a few cases of the plague found in Canyon County, Idaho where some rodents were found dead and tested positive for the plague. Measures are being taken to ensure that the plague does not transmit into humans.

In Colorado there was actually a recent case where a 16 year old star athlete died from complications from the plague. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family who lost their son. It is a sad thing to see. Taylor Gaes, 16, of Larimer County, Colorado had flu like symptoms that turned out to be the plague.

It is important that the plague generally circulates in flees and small rodents. It is extremely important to remember if you see small rodents that are dead to natural causes or anything other than being killed by a person, vehicle, or any other trauma that you do not make direct contact with it. Also, if you know that one of your pets have flees be sure that you do all that you can to kill the flees.

Some of the symptoms that you or anyone who has contracted the plague will experience are:

  • Gangrene in your extremities
  • Chills
  • General feeling of illness
  • High fever of around 102 degrees
  • Cramps in your muscles
  • Seizures
  • Skin coloration such as blackening in the limbs or skin changing to a pink hue
  • Swelling in the lymph glands

In order for the plague to be diagnosed there has to be lab work done. It is not diagnosed by site or checkup. It can in most cased be treated with antibiotics.