Christmas Scrubs

With Christmas coming there are several reasons why and how you can use those old nursing scrubs that are laying around.  We know that anyone in the medical world has scrubs laying around and finding a extra pair can be easy. Here are some ideas. Just remember to not use scrubs that are to dirty.

christmas scrubs

  • Homemade tree skirt. Scrubs are durable and clean well. You can sew other materials on the to make them more festive.
  • Nursing scrub Christmas socks can be easy and since scrubs have two sides to them. Just cut the pattern out and and either sew or glue the edges. Glitter, cotton, and Christmas patterns can then be added to make them perfect.
  • Christmas bags. Create small bags that can be given to friends and family. Fill the bags with candy and other items and your ready to go.
  • Cooking is a major activity during Christmas. Rather you are trying to cook large dinners or candy you can easily make an apron out of those old nursing scrubs. And since they are so easy to clean you can easily clean the stains from cooking. If you don’t have time to sew an apron the just wear your scrubs to cook in.
  • If all else fails and you do not have time to anything off this list then just cut them up and you have some perfect rags. Because nursing scrubs absorb moisture so well they make the perfect rags.

we hope,that you have a great holiday season. Enjoy the time with your family and friends.

Smart Phone and Health

We live in a day that people can monitor anything about themselves from their phones. It is not news to anyone, but we can do more with our phones that people could do with computers ten years ago. Phones have replaced shopping malls for many people. The state of Iowa is even going to start allowing people to have their drivers license on their cell phone. Soon there will be not wallet, which is one less thing to worry about. Actually I take that back, there are people that still like to carry cash where ever they go.

monitor health

One of the greatest things people are doing with their smartphones is monitoring their diet and their health. There are several apps that will help you know your calorie intake as well as how many steps you took that day. With Nike+ you even can monitor your running and how far you run each day. I recently read an article about people using smartphones to prevent or manage their diabetes. Can you believe that. One of the most high maintenance diseases and we can manage it and even prevent it from a smart phone. We are living in a time that it is scary to think about how much we have, but it is also amazing to think about how much we can do in just a small device.

Recently my son had his tonsils and adenoids removed. The same ENT that removed his removed my daughters about two years prior. Everything about the ENT was the same except now he carried a smartphone with him everywhere. He used it to take notes and voice memos. He actually used is to show us documents about how the surgery would go. It gave a much better interaction that we had seen two year earlier. I was amazed that this ENT, who was well in his sixties, not saying that’s out of touch, had such a great grasp on what he could do with it.

I do not think that smartphones will take everything over. I just think that they will start to play a larger role in medical practices and as new technologies come out the things that will happen with them are endless.

Flu Prevention and Care

This time of year is always know as the flu season. Each year several hundreds of thousand and even millions of people suffer from the flu. Unfortunately, some people even succumb to the flue. The mortality rate of the flu has gone down over the decades as new medicines, better care, and vaccinations are put in place. Each year people line up for flu shots in  hopes to avoid contracting it and most of the time they do not. I think we would all agree that people who get vaccinated tend to not catch the flu as often as those that do not vaccinate. The one thing to not though is to take as many precautions as you can to avoid catching the flu and to keep it out of your home.


Most people get the flu from coming into contact with people who already have it. So if you know that someone has caught it then stay away for a few days until the antibiotics have time to kick in. I should put a disclaimer on this one if you have a child in grade school. Not contracting it is much more difficult so the need for vaccination increases when you have children who are in elementary school.

It is important to remember that babies can really be affected from the flu and other sicknesses can have other issues as they develop. For instance, I have a niece that caught RSV as a baby. Since that time she suffers from asthma, has terrible trouble breathing and spends at least three days a year in a hospital because of the asthma. So remember to keep your babies away. If your older children get the flu then keep them away from your baby until the antibiotics have kicked in and you have had time to clean their room and the rest of the house thoroughly.

Older people also have a hard time with the flu and when they contract it is can hospitalize them and many times can lead to more severe illness. Stay away from nursing homes and retirement communities. I think people with know you are not being mean if you do not visit because you have the flu. Some nursing homes will actually separate patients that have the flu or flu like symptoms to prevent other from catching it.

No matter what you do remember the most important thing is to error on the side of caution. If you can get vaccinated. If you feel the symptoms coming on then get to the doctor. And most importantly, isolate yourself for a day to let the antibiotics to take affect. And remember to clean the bedding so you do not redistribute the flu to yourself or anyone else.