How Scrubs Work

Medical scrubs are a very interesting product. They are durable, lightweight, stain resistant, and in many cases fashionable. They have the ability to absorb moisture so you will not get wet nor anyone around you and they also clean easy.

These are some of the main reasons why the material used for medical scrubs are used and not something else. The important thing to remember is you should wear the appropriate scrubs based upon where you work. You would not want to wear dull colored scrubs if you are a pediatric nurse. Nor would you want to wear pediatric patterns to an adult clinic. The scrubs you wear can send a strong message to the attitude and type of work your do. Not saying the right scrub makes you a hard worker, but that you can usually tell who belongs to which team based upon the scrubs they are wearing.

Make sure that you are wearing the right medical scrubs for your department and patients you see.

Other Uses for Medical Scrubs

Medical scrubs have been around for nearly seventy years. They have had several adaptions over the course of the years. One thing has remained constant since their creation and that is that they are durable, hold up to stains well, and they clean easily. One of the other major things that have changed about scrubs over the years are the colors, designs, and even the fit of scrubs. Today you can find scrubs for any personality as well as for any body type. I have even know people wear scrubs to relax as night, garden in, work on cars, and several other purposes that you would not think of.

Medical scrubs make great overalls during the summer when wearing normal overalls can be too hot. Even the uninsulated overalls can be very warm and when you are near metal objects and it is 90 degrees outside you will do anything to cool off. When you work with a lot of fluids it is a great thing to wear scrubs to protect clothing. I have known people who loaded fire retardant into air planes during fire seasons. They buy several pairs of scrubs to wear over clothing to keep the retardant from staining their cloths. The scrubs shield the wetness and absorb the stain. That is probably why doctors and nurses have been wearing them for so long.

Whether you are looking for medical scrubs because you work in the medical field or because you have an alternative purpose we will help you find what you need. We carry all the major brands, styles, colors, and patterns. Visit us today to see out entire collection.

Staying Active

I found an interesting article that I will put a link to at the bottom about how living an active lifestyle can make life and death better. We live in a day due to technology in hygiene allows us to fight germs and has actually help us live longer. Another technology that has helped us live longer is a healthy diet, Eating the right foot, not just not eating, and being active. Activity can come through walks, running, biking, really anything that causes the heart rate to increase. In my case jumping on the trampoline with the kids for fifteen minutes and my heart and legs feel like they are ready to fail me.

There are a few reasons why exercise helps out bodies so much. Below are just a few reasons why daily activity that makes our heart rate increase in a good idea.

  • Energy levels increase. Look at anyone that exercises, they tend to have more energy throughout the day. Give them the same amount of sleep as someone who does not exercise and they will have more energy.
  • Our metabolism speeds up. We have to eat to survive and our body processes that food into energy. When we  eat more calories than we can burn or we do not do anything to burn calories we gain weight and out metabolism slows down.
  • Your body stays healthier. When your muscles are working they stay loose and can recover from injury or illness better.
  • Weight loss. Excess weight, whether little or a lot can harm your body over time. Exercise can help keep that down.

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