Scrub Personality

There are certain things you hear people say and you automatically think of what goes with it; like if I were to say spaghetti you would think meatball. Another would be if I were to say winter you would probably think snow or ice. When you hear the word nurse there is one thing that you think of and that is usually scrubs. From the sixties on it was pretty universal that most nurses you saw would be wearing scrubs. Prior to that time you would see nurses in white dresses and a nursing hat. Once the scrubs did start to become the norm for nurses you would think of the color green when thinking about nursing scrubs. Needless to say scrubs have changed and adapted over time.

One of the best parts to scrubs in our day is you can really personalize them. If you want to reflect your personality you have the option to do that. If you are out going and love to celebrate the seasons and holidays associated with those seasons you will probably be looking for season bright colors. Perhaps you are a bit more retro and like the solid colors. Perhaps you love strong colors, then you will probably wear bright colors. No matter your personality you can find scrubs to match them. Nurses and scrubs have adapted over the years, the care that are facilitated by the nurses has not changed. We know that nurses are caring and want to help.

Perhaps one of the biggest changes that we have seen is the way you can customize your own scrubs. You can put your favorite college logo on a scrub. Perhaps you want to represent your school on game day, done. Many clinic and hospitals will even have certain colors depending on the group you work in. No matter what you are looking for in a scrub you can find it. That is what makes nursing fashion better today than it has ever been,

Demand Growing for Nurse Practicioner

Recently Boise State University is seeking new accreditation to their doctoral program. What is this accreditation they are wanting to make. This change will open the door for more nusres to move on to a masters level and become nurse practitioners. This is all part of the increasing need for more medical staff due to the baby boomer generation.

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