Medical Scrubs You Want

Nurses and medical scrubs go hand in hand. That is probably why so often you hear them referred to as nursing scrubs. Here are some things that come to mind when you see a nurse in scrubs outside of the clinic or hospital.

  • What are in those pockets? Either candy, tissues, or something you do not know the meaning of.
  • I wonder if I can ask the a bout my cough.
  • Are scrubs really as comfortable as everyone tells me?
  • What kind of stain is that?
  • Do you always wear scrubs? Just kidding, I only say this one since my friend asked a nurse that meaning just at work. The only problem is they were at the mall.
  • What is the coolest thing you have ever seen?
  • What is the longest amount do time you have ever gone without any sleep?

Nursing and and medical scrubs will always go hand in hand and there is always going to be a question lingering. One thing we do want to say is thank you nurses.

Tough Nurses

I have been to the emergency room for myself, my spouse, and my kids several times through my life. The one thing that I always find is the strength of ER nurses. On a day to day basis these warriors in scrubs help people. I have seen there eyes when a young parent brings their baby into the ER for the first time. And how they react as someone is asking how their spouse or mother are doing and they know they won’t make it but they cannot tell them.

Our hats go off to you ER nurses who are on the front line battle fields with your scrubs and smiles.

Scrubs for the Cold Front

November has come and is almost gone. One of the biggest surprises that November has brought is December/January weather. All over the country people are facing weather they have never seen. There have been some cities that have been well below the zero mark already. A place like Boise, Idaho which is actually fairly warm compared to the rest of Idaho and does not get snow until late December already has eight inches of snow on the ground.

Keeping yourself warm is important during these times of cold. During the winter time people are more tired and sleep more because their bodies are shivering trying to get their temperatures up. So if you want to be able to keep up with your normal day to day without losing too much energy it is important to stay warm. As a medical professional you are already tires by the end of the day. Good thing for all of us that there are things we can do to keep us warm, even as a nurse.

Scrub Undershirts

Wearing a long-sleeve undershirt under your scrubs can help you stay warm wherever your are. In many cases they actually ad a bit of style to what your are wearing. There are many companies that make scrubs that you can get a basic t-shirt with long sleeves from to wear under your scrub tops and can hold up better than a normal t-shirt.

Scrub Jackets

Many scrub manufacturers make jackets that you can wear over your scrub tops. Sometime hospitals and clinics may provide you with these items.


Keeping your feet warm can help your stay warm. I have heard many people say that your body reflects how your feet feel. If you can keep your feet warm you will be able to feel warm which will help you keep up the fast pace.

Whatever you need to do remember to stay warm.