Helping Others Understand Diagnosis

For so many people that receive a diagnosis from a doctor they try and wrap their head around everything. For some this can be hard due to the nature of the disease and the consequence. These conversations should be handled with the utmost understanding and respect. For other, it is hard because they over think everything and always seem to take everything to the extreme. In this case we need to let them down easily. See the below for instructions.


What to do with those old scrubs

scrub quiltWe all get to the point where the old scrubs that we have need to be retired. There are some that just need to go into the garbage can. There are others that can be recycled in some way. We want to talk about different things you can do with the old medical scrubs you have that are not suitable to be to be used anymore but the fabric can still be use?

Start a scrub quilt

Cut the different colors of scrubs into the shapes that you want to sew them together in a pattern. The great thing about scrubs are that they are very strong and make great quilt. The one thing you will want to make sure you do have available will be a good sewing kit and some great sewing skills. This can be a perfect solution for the old nursing scrubs that are no longer being uses.

Create a scrub gift

We do not mean that you should give your old scrubs to friends or family, but rather use the material to make gifts. If you do not want to completely cut the scrubs up, then give them to your kids or nieces and nephews as gifts. Every little kid like to play doctor. They also make great covering for clothing when the kids are painting or doing any activity that gets them dirty.

If you are giving friends gifts, use the scrubs as covers. As we said before just make sure that the scrubs are clean and do not have any fluids from work on them.

Clean your house with scrubs

Since the scrub material is so strong they make excellent clothes. If you need strong clothes for dusting, scrubbing, or just for any use then the material from medical scrubs will be perfect for you. Because medical scrubs are made to absorb fluid they are great for wiping up spills and even trying dishes.

Put the scrubs on

This time do not wear them to work, we have already deemed them as not approved for work. Wear them around the house as lounge clothing or pajamas. Also, they are great for gardening or work where there will be a lot grease and dirt. If you are restoring an old car or piece of furniture then use the medical scrubs to keep you and your clothes clean.


Identify Medical Staff

When you step inside of a hospital there are always a few major things that you are guaranteed to see. There are always 2-4 receptionist and registrars who are working at a front desk waiting to check you in, most of the time they have a smile on their faces and are eager to help. Most of the time the first medical staff you meet is the nurses, this is either a LPN or an RN. They are there to ask the questions, and depending on what unit of the hospital you are in they are wearing a similar if not matching scrubs with all the other nursing staffs.

Once the nurses leave you will usually see a doctor. If you are in a private practice the doctors are wearing dress clothes and a lab coat. If you are at a hospital the doctors will be wearing a scrubs that most likely will match the other doctors on that floor.

One of the easiest ways to identify a certain staff look at the color of scrubs that you are wearing. If you look closely at each person that comes into your room look at what staff they are in and the color of their scrubs. Then look at the color of scrubs after rotations and you will see that they remain the same. So if you are looking a nurse keep in mind of the color of scrubs your nurse has been wearing, it can save you a lot of time searching.