Scrubs That You Love

Scrubs come in many different colors, fashions, and prints. It is up to you to know which ones you like the best. There are some that share what mood you are in or what your hobbies are. For example if I see a nurse or doctor wearing camo or fly fishing scrubs I know that they are probably an outdoors person.

On the other hand if I see a medical professional in collegiate scrubs I know where they went to college or who they root for for sports. If they have cartoon characters on their scrubs then they are probably a pediatric nurse or doctor.

No matter what kind if scrubs you are looking for we have what you need. Come see out stores today and see what you find.

Tooth Care

As we age our teeth become more susceptible to gum disease, decay, and cavities. It is important to care for your teeth. Having a healthy smile give you confidence. Here are some best practices for tooth care.

  • First and most important. Brush your teeth twice a day. This can remove tarter and plaque in the obvious places.
  • Floss. Brushing gets the obvious places. Flossing gets the places that a tooth brush cannot reach.
  • I prefer to floss before I brush. Then you can clean and rinse.
  • Mouthwash. Most mouthwashes can kill germs and also keeps your breath smelling better. Can be important if you want a social life.
  • Drink water. Water does not have sugars or anything that can stain your teeth. Plus it helps keeps things out of your teeth.
  • Regular dental visits. This cannot be said enough. Even if you brush and floss nothing beats a good cleaning in the chair.

Remember that tooth care is part of overall health. You will also feel better when your mouth is clean and are more inclined to smile more. Here are some more tips on tooth care.

Spring Scrubs

Spring time is coming fast. It will not be long before we will see the green that comes along with spring. Some of my favorite things about spring is the newness of life. Most of the animal kingdom is having their offspring during time. The color of flower blooming, the greenness that comes with the trees and shrubs, and the vibrance of life. It feels like so many things that have been dead over the winter are not alive.

One of the best ways for a healthcare professional to spring back is through new spring scrubs. I know that anytime I am visiting a clinic or hospital in spring and I see bright colors of scrubs it eases me and makes me feel much better. It tells people that everything is okay and that you are a person who moves on.

If you are looking for new spring scrubs stop by and check out our collection. We carry the top names in scrubs. We also offer free shipping for order that are over $99.