Emergency Room Nurses

Yesterday the country celebrated National Emergency Room Nurse Day, a day at Scrubadoo we do not feel should go unnoticed. For many emergency room nurses they just do what their instincts tell that. That is usually to do as much as you can within reason to save a life or help calm a troubled hearted child who just broke their arms. No matter what they are doing they are great at it and we applaud them for their service and abilities. They are truly second to none. They rush to the aid of people they do not know, they have to put up with scenarios and injuries that most of us could not even handle and yet they come back the next day knowing what is ahead of them.

When I was twelve years old I had to go the the emergency room because I broke my ankle. A year later I had to go back because I broke the other ankle. Are you seeing a trend here. Each time I went it was always the nurses that spent the majority of the time with me. Making sure I was comfortable and had a snack or drink. They would step back when the doctor came in and either during or right after the check up would make sure I was still feeling well.

I am sure that anyone who has ever had a similar experience has seen that same kind of affection from a nurse in the ER that they probably did not even know. We take out hats off to those who day in and day out battle the emergency rooms in America and help make things better for those who have to be there do to misfortune.

Change In The Air

For so many people we are coming into a season of change. The green leaves of summer are rapidly changing into an explosion of colors that are desirable to the eyes. For many Fall represents so many things, it may be a season of saying good-bye, for other a season of thanks, and for others a season of plenty. What ever your reason or expression for fall make sure that your work attire match up to your feelings. For those of you in the medical or dental fields it can be easy to do this. With so many options of scrubs it is easy to fit the part while celebrating what your love to do in the fall.

For some it is having a fun spooky scrub top for the young children you work with in the pediatric centers. The smiles brought to the face of children when they are reminded of Halloween and all the candy they will get to solicit and eat. For many it can also help them find a smile during a tough time, which is the greatest thing that many of them can have at this time in their lives.

For many that have fall hobbies such as hunting, hiking or any other outdoor activity you will find a selection of camouflage scrubs as well as scrubs from some of your favorite clothing companies like Carhartt and Dickies. These will allow you to feel like you are representing what you love to do while still looking professional at work. That is a great thing about the medical field, you can where your favorite colors, sometimes even everyday and no one will think twice about it.

What ever you are looking for this Fall we hope that your enjoy it and have an opportunity to get outside and enjoy the wonderful colors in the fall.

Why Scrubs

Scrubs are one of the most worn uniforms ever worn in any industry. The truth is that scrubs are worn by several different industries from medical to industry. For many people there are several reasons why people is so many professions.  They are durable and resistant to so many things that make them perfect for any job that you will get dirty or stained in.

When your medical scrubs are worn out and no longer available to wear to work there are several things you can do with them. They may great gardening clothes, painting clothes, pajamas, and rags.

For so many people who wear scrubs on a daily basis know how strong they are. If you do not know how strong they are the several things you can do with them then ask a friend who wears them.