How to Choose Your Medical Profession

Medical JobsThe income level of medical professionals depend on several different factors. Some of the factors that drive income for medical professionals are:

  • Education Level. What level of certificate or degree do you carry? Generally the more school, the more specialized you train to be, the more money you earn. A nurse anesthetists makes a higher income than a registered nurse. This is the same for any medical professional who seeks a specialization. An ENT will make more income than a general practitioner.
  • Location. Your average salary is higher in places where the cost of living is higher. For example the highest nursing salaries are in San Jose, Vallejo, Oakland, Sacramento, and San Francisco. These are some of the wealthiest communities in the country.
  • Experience. In most cases those medical professionals that have been working for several years will make more money than the person who is on their first day. Also, if you own a private practice many physicians who have had practices longer have more patients they see on a regular basis.
  • Roles. If you are working at a hospital and are a head nurse or a CNO you will make more money that a nurse without any management responsibility. The same would apply to the chief surgeon compared to other doctors on the surgical team.

If you want to join the medical profession it is important look at what the income levels will be of the job you will be doing and to also research the job market. You will want to find out the growth of that field and if you will have a hard time getting a job or not. Here is a great article from USNews that talks about the top medical professions to join. The top 10 on their list are:

  • Dentist
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Pharmacist
  • Registered Nurse
  • Physical Therapist
  • Physician
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Physician Assistant
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Phlebotomist

One thing we do want to point out is that these jobs do not reflect income, but rather need and growth.

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How to Shine and Excel in Your Nursing Career

If you are dedicated to a life-long career of helping others stay healthy while advancing your professional prospects, it’s wise to develop an action plan that starts with your education. Diversified learning will keep you inspired to offer great care while advancing your career. Check out these tips and suggestions to help get your nursing career moving forward now.

1. Continue Learning

Nursing CareerWhat do well-paid, high powered executives, doctors and physicians’ assistants have in common? They advance in their careers because of their dedication to learning. If you’re worried that you won’t be able to take a leave of absence from your current job to go back to school, don’t fret. An online Nursing degree can take your learning and career to the next level while you dive in to an environment of highly skilled professionals in your field—all from the comfort of your own home.

You can get ahead now by selecting a nursing program that will allow you to diversify your skills. The greater your skill-set, the more freedom you’ll be able to exercise when considering advanced career opportunities. If management and patient care are your passion for example, consider pursuing classes in advocacy to complement your advanced degree.

2. Increase Your Visibility in Your Current Job

Remember the rigorous requirements when you applied for college back in high school? Beyond the applications, you likely increased your visibility to potential college admissions officers by highlighting your membership in the student government or any specialized internships in which you participated. The same is true of how you can increase your visibility at the hospital now with your superiors. Demonstrate to them that you’re willing to go the extra mile:

  • Join or create a committee in your interest area. Perhaps you develop a new scheduling system for patients’ meds or creating a group dedicated to enhancing hospital-wide nutrition. For this purpose, Wiggio is a cool mobile-based organization system that multiple members can access.
  • Create an opportunity for higher learning: Schedule superiors in your interest area to speak at a once-monthly session for continuing education. Meetup is an online tool that allows you to publicize your groups to increase exposure.

3. Align With a Mentor

There’s no better way to put your current know-how to the test than by selecting a mentor. Mentors can show you a side of the business you might not get by troubleshooting on your own. While navigating the maze of learning, you can discover useful shortcuts that will not only help you excel faster and smarter in your career, but will also help you help patients with more precision and intuitive behavior.

Another advantage of following a mentor is that you can acquire management skills by observing how they direct and interact with other employees. If nursing director or management is in your future goals, let your mentor know this when the two of you become acquainted so they can make considerations to help expose you to this kind of environment.

If you’re not sure where to start, enlist the help of Micro Mentor—an organization that helps connect young professionals to seasoned professionals.

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Scrubs for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day around the corner you want to make sure that you get the right gift for your special someone. At we carry the top brands in the scrub industry, all of which would make the perfect present for anyone that works in the medical industry. We carry scrubs from solid color unisex scrubs to prints and cartoon themed scrubs.


Minnie Mouse ScrubsWe have a whole selection of scrubs that are based off your favorite cartoon and televisions characters. If your better half work with children then we have Disney themed scrubs with Mickey or Minnie Mouse. You will find other characters such as Garfield, Dora The Explorer, Hello Kitty, and Peanuts. No matter what their favorite character is you will find the perfect scrub for Valentine’s Day at

Custom Embroidery and Logos

FloridaState ScrubsSurprise your Valentine with scrubs that have their name embroidered on the scrub as well as the position they hold at the hospital, clinic, dental office, or where ever they work. You can also have the logo of their office or company embroidered into the scrubs. Another favorite gift is out college scrubs, get scrubs that has their favorite team’s logo or name on them. Search out collegiate scrubs to see what we currently have in stock.

Stylish Scrubs

Cute ScrubsThis may seem like an oxymoron, but at we carry several stylish scrubs that your special someone will love. We top brands like Cherokee, Grey’s Anatomy, Landau, Jockey, and White Swan you will for sure find a scrub that is cute and stylish.

Come visit our website today to see how your can surprise your special someone with scrubs on Valentine’s Day.


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