Helping Your Body Succeed

Protect your bodyAs a scrub wearing medical professional you can see several injuries this time of year. There are several reasons for this; high school and college sports, hunting seasons, people prepping for the school year to begin, and people trying to squeeze that last little bit of summer fun time out of the way. It is important to remember that there are certain things that you can do to both prepare and repair your body with during activities. No matter what your activities are here are a few things you can do to keep your body functioning properly.

  • Stretch every morning and every night. The more limber you are the better off your body will respond to pressure.
  • Keep active, stay active. Even if it means going for a walk every day, do something where your whole body is involved.
  • Simple exercises. Even doing pushups and sit-ups daily will keep your body performing well.
  • Eat healthy, eat right. The food that you put in your body can affect the types of acids in your body. By eating what’s right you are helping your body.
  • Hydration is king. Keep hydrated with water and good sport drinks. If you are struggling with cramping try using pickle juice or chocolate milk after workouts.
  • Dress right. Wearing the right shoes and clothes. Some compression wear for sport activities are designed to help your body during and after exercises.

As you are meeting with patients with injuries remember that educating people can be the best defense. By doing this you are not just the scrub wearing medical professional but the scrub wearing hero.

Let Laughter Help Heal

By now most of you have heard about the tragic loss of the great actor and comedian Robin Williams. Williams has been known as one of Hollywood’s leading funny men for nearly four decades. One thing that is easy to overlook is the fact that he was in some serious roles. One of those roles was a movie in which he played a doctor name Patch Adams, which also happens to be the name of the movie. In the movie Patch Adams checked himself into a mental institution and then finds happiness by helping his fellow patients find happiness. He later becomes a medical doctor who uses humor as part of healing. At we hope that everyone remembers the importance of humor in things we do and the importance of making other people smile. It is what brilliant talents like Robin Williams lived for. We wish Robin Williams’ family and friends the best in their time of loss.

Patch Adams

Black Robe Era Of Scrubs

black robe era of scrubsWe have written several blogs over time that speak about the history and evolution of scrubs. This is not one of those blogs, but we do want to talk about an interesting time in the clothing that we word during the medical profession. This is before scrubs were worn. This even predates the times that nurses wore dresses and doctors wore aprons. We are reaching back in time to the black coat time in medical history. There was a time that a doctor instead of wearing medical scrubs wore a black robe similar to the robe that a clergy or magistrate would have worn.

The time that the black robe was worn dates back to the pre 1900 era. During this time there was an interesting correlation between all these professions. All these professions dealt with life and death, just in different ways. So it was an easy choice that during these times that doctors wore these robes since they did deal with life and death. They dealt with death more often than the doctors of our day. The two biggest reasons are the technologies that we have during our day that allow doctors to actually see a diagnosis. The other is the years and literal century of studies performed to make the profession better.

One hard realization during in the pre scrub era was the errors in medical practices. Because of the limited technology and to some extent limited knowledge a trip to the doctor for certain things could put you in a worse situation than you were before the doctor treated you. Now do not get us wrong, there some very amazing things done in the earlier errors of medicine and great doctors that saved lives. Again we highlight these eras to see the differences in what medical professionals wore before medical scrubs were an option.