Nursing Scrubs at School

Nursing scrubs are a center piece in the thought process as you think about nurses. I can remember walking on campus in college and I would see all the nursing students walking to class from the library. The fourth level of the library was for the students going to different health college. I was up there a lot because I had friends that were become physical therapist, dentist, pharmacist, dental hygienist, and nurses. You always knew the nursing and dental hygiene students by the scrubs they would wear. They were blue with the University logo and then the college they attended, nursing or dental hygiene.

The thnig I always noticed that separated the the nursing students from everyone else is they would walk in a pack, single or double file but they were always in order. You,could identify them by the logo on their nursing scrubs. The one thing I did notice was from my freshman to single year the nursing scrub style changed and eventually they were able to wear separate colors, well at least blue, orange, or black. Even then all the nursing students walked up the hill to the nursing building together and back down to the library. They were all proud of,what they were doing and you could tell by how they carried,themselves. At times towards,the end of finals week they may have looked like they just swam across the ocean, but there was a sense of relief in their eyes.

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Nursing Salary

If you are looking for a good,source of income and a rewarding career then nursing may be what you need to look into. These scrub wearing heroes work hard to help those in need. The hours can be tough, but the rewards are great. Not to mention a career in nursing can earn you a good income that can support a family. According to US News an average nurse makes around $68,000 a year. That is well above the national average.

The above article also shows a comparison as to what other medical careers can make. Take a look and see what your future may hold.

Super Bowl Scrub Ideas

We are now just five days from the biggest sporting event of the year the Super Bowl. For nearly six months we have been watching the NFL and anticipating who would play in this game. Finally we are here with the Seattle Seahawks, the defending champions and the New England Patriots who are back for their sixth SuperBowl appearance in fifteen years, the most consistent team of those fifteen years.

As we are excited for this time of year as we know so many of you are. Here are some ideas of how to use those old nursing scrubs on Super Bowl Sunday.

  • Get the ones that are the opposite of the color of the team you are cheering for and rip them up, dump any type of liquid and dye you want to.
  • Use the old scrubs as table clothes. We all know that the food you eat during the Super Bowl can be greasy and can stain your nice table clothes. Stain all you want to, isn’t that what nursing scrubs are made for then?
  • Make some bibs out of those nursing scrubs. On a day that ribs, wings, dip, platters, and beverages will be consumed like it should never be you can save your favorite jersey, shirt, top, and just about anything with a good bib. The clothe from scrubs are perfect for it with the way they absorb things.
  • Make an apron. It has been warm enough in a lot of the country that many people will be barbecuing. If you are that person use as much sauce as you want with your amazing nursing scrub apron. In fact, just wear the scrubs over your clothes and you do not have to worry about any sauce or grease.

No matter how you are watching or what you are doing enjoy the game. And be safe.