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Raising money for your group or organization? We are here to help. We offer several scrub fundraising options with all our medical uniforms that have no up front costs, are easy to implement, and fit a wide array of fundraising needs. If one of our options doesnít suit you, we will work with you to figure out something that will. We look forward to serving all of your medical fundraising needs!

it's easier than you think

Fundraising can sometimes seem incredibly burdensome, we are here to make it as easy as possible. When you fundraise with us you can get started in less than a day and we provide all of the back-end delivery, fullfillment, and customer service for all of your sales. Need help marketing? We work with you to create pamphlets, flyers, and other point of sale material that will help ensure your uniform selling success. Take a few minutes to check out our the 3 fundraising options below and feel free to download our fundraising kit to take with you!


fundraising options

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Call or email us to set up your uniform fundraiser. Have questions? Donít hesitate to ask.

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email us about hospital fundraising and fundraisers with medical scrubs and uniforms

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fundraiser ideas

Click on any of the following groups for great ways to fundraise with scrubs.

Nursing & other Schools
Nursing Associations
Other Organizations
Web Sales:

Our web sales option is the easiest, fastest fundraising option. Your group will receive a unique discount code to All you have to do is tell people to use it when they shop(we make this easier by offering them a discount with your code!). We track all of the scrub orders that use your code and donate a percentage of all sales back to your organization. It really is that simple.


  • No up-front financial costs
  • No left over inventory
  • Immediate results
  • handles all the order fulfillment, delivery, & returns
  • Easy & quick to set up

Scrub Sales:

Our Scrub Sales option allows you to set up your own scrub stand and sell! Setting up a table at your place of work or school and having the scrubs there is a powerful way to raise money. We work with you to set up your sale dates, inventory, and any other needs you may have. Live in-person scrub sales have proven to be a winner time and time again. We can even fully customize your scrubs with our embroidery or screen printing options. If you didnít order enough inventoryódonít worry, just write those orders down. We can ship more product out to you after your sale date. †††††


  • Product is on hand = easier to sell
  • Immediate results
  • Post-sale shipping for products you run out of
  • Fully customizable screen printing & embroidery
  • Low up-front financial costs
Gift Cards: gift card sales are a great way to raise money without worrying about inventory. Everyone likes different style, color, and brand uniforms, so let them decide what to buy. We take care of all of the back-end work for you. You just need to sell! If for some reason you donít sell all of the gift cards you ordered we will take any and all of your leftovers back to ensure that your fundraiser is a success and not a burden.


  • Easy & quick to setup
  • No financial cost to your organization
  • Unlimited fundraising potential
  • Discount for your group & friends
  • No left over inventory
  • handles all the order fulfillment, delivery, & returns

fundraise with gift cards at your next nursing school or hospital fundrasier

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privacy policy fundraise with scrubs understands that a wide variety of groups have fundraising needs. We have had the opportunity to work with hospitals, nursing schools, medical societies, nurse wards, dental assistant schools, and a wide variety of other groups. We are happy to work with any group, even if you aren't traditional uniform wearers! Our fundraising partners are extremely important to us and we work hard to provide the highest level of service to every group we work with. If you aren't satisfied, we aren't satisfied. We even help provide you with sales and marketing strategies to ensure your fundraiser is a success. We also understand that not every group has money up front, don't worry! We have options for you. We would love the opportunity to work with you for all of your future uniform fundraising needs!

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