Scrubraisers – Need a Unique Fundraiser?

I have briefly touched on scrubraisers which is the second arm of our business.  Scrubraisers is the combination of scrubs and fundraisers.

In Business once you have a product you just need to sell it.  We decided that we already had a cool product that people like to wear in scrub pants and started to think about any alternative markets we could sell to.  We thought, why not put a school, sorority, or any other logo on them and sell them as lounge/pajama pants.  One issue was that we didn’t have the time nor the breadth to do all of the direct sales it would take to grow this business.

The answer was scrubraisers.  We sell a large quantity of the pants to an organization (at least 50 pairs)  at a discount who then re-sells the product to anyone (incoming freshman, an entire class, or even neighbors) as a fundraiser for their organization.  We handle all of the operational aspects of the fundraiser and all they have to do is sell.  We can pretty much put any logo or words on the pants anywhere they want (you can see a mock up of the pants we sold at Darden below).  We utilize our supplier network and operational capabilities and essentially outsource our sales.

The design of the Darden branded scrub pants

The design of the Darden branded scrub pants

UVA’s nursing school is one of our first clients.  We are selling them 75 sets of pants with the UVA logo.  Their plan is to re-sell the pants to the incoming freshmen on move-in day this fall.  It is a great arrangement that is profitable for us but also will allow the school a unique way to raise a decent amount of money for their nurses council.  I will definitely let everyone know how their sale goes in a few months.

Meredith has put together a nice clean website here  Hopefully we will start seeing some traffic and grow to new schools.  After our initial success with UVA some of the girls I worked with their put me in touch with JMU’s nursing school who we are now in initial talks with.  I hope that this will work just as well.

Check out the website and email me or send an email through the website to get more information about working with us.  We would love to work with   groups, sororities, fraternities, nursing schools, or any other group who needs to make a little money for their organization.  If you make a referral to me and we close it I will even make sure you get a little finders fee!



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