Get Things in Writing

I realize that this statement may seem extremely obvious but I have already made this mistake at least once.  I thought I had been pretty good about making sure I have at the very least an email trail for everything I do.  This included contracts with suppliers, the outsourcing we have done for web development, or agreements with employees.

The Story goes like this:

We planned on using one primary supplier for our scrubraisers campaign.  I set up our account with the company for and was assigned an account manager, Andy.  I was able to negotiate a bulk deal for their products that would allow us to use them as the primary supplier for scrubraisers.  I wrote about all of this in a blog a few weeks ago here:

Well I did all of those negotiations in phone conversations with Andy and I did not realize that he had not sent an email or any follow up paper trail.  Two weeks ago I sent him a message to try to negotiate similar bulk discounts for some of the other products that they offer.  I did not receive a response for several days.  When I did it was from a new sales rep.  Andy had left the company.

There was no record of the deal that Andy and I had agreed upon.  My new contact’s first offer was a a deal that is not going to work for our scrubraisers projects.  I pushed back and I am still waiting on them to come back to me with something that will work for both of us.  Needless to say it is no fun being in limbo on this, nor do I want to set up a new supplier for scrubraisers.

Hopefully this will all work out for everyone and we can continue to move forward with this supplier.  I have certainly learned a lesson here that I hopefully won’t have to learn again.  You never know what is gong on with your suppliers so it is always better to be safe than sorry.


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